Surgical Gloves - Powder Free

Surgical Gloves - Powder Free

Surgical Gloves act as a protective barrier between healthcare professionals and patients to prevent transmission of any disease. It is very important for the manufacturer of surgical gloves to have a higher quality standard because of their nature of use. These are disposable gloves.

Surgical gloves are made of different polymers which include latex, rubber, nitrile, polyvinyl chloride, and neoprene.

Powder-free Surgical Gloves

Power-free gloves is another type of surgical gloves which undergo a process known as chlorination. It doesn’t cause any allergies because of the presence of cornstarch if worn for a very long time. While preparing these gloves they are treated with a chloride solution, rinsed with water and after that dried to remove most of the powdered residue.

Surgical gloves are used in the Medical industry and besides that they are also used in Chemical and biochemical laboratories. They have more precise sizing with superior precision and sensitivity to meet high standards. They are generally Sterile in nature.

      Key benefits of Surgical gloves:

  1. Available in various sizes.
  2. Helps in preventing transmission of infection between medical staff and the patient.
  3. These gloves are Durable
  4. Very friendly with the skin of the user
  5. They possess excellent strength.